the story


I sang my first song - Jimmy Rogers' 'Waiting For A Train' -  when I was three. I went on to win my first singing contest in a local shopping mall performing 'One Moment in Time' - I was very nervous beforehand, for some reason I kept thinking that if I didn't make it to the next round I wouldn't be able to sing ever again. In the moments when I just had a mic and an audience in front of me though, I felt indestructible. 

I then got an opportunity to appear on the national television for the first time - performing on What Now! , a show produced exclusively for children. 

My very first recording studio experience came up when I turned eight. The project - 'Kids Sing Bob Dylan' features myself performing a few of Dylan's greatest songs.

When I turned 10,  I auditioned for New Zealand's Got Talent. The show gave me the opportunity to meet some of my favourite artists and get to know everything that goes on behind the scenes. It was great to be heard by so many and recognised on the streets of down-town Wellington. After my grand final performance I was placed the runner-up of New Zealand's Got Talent.

My debut album 'With Love' was recorded soon afterwards at the Golden Age and Roundhead studios in Auckland. The album has few of my favourite tunes. 'With Love' made it #2 on NZ Top 20 Album chart and  #3 on NZ Top 40 world album chart. Pie Jesu from the album also made it to the NZ Top Singles chart.  Thank you!

I had the privilege to perform for CCTV in China for the international music festival that was aired on New Year's eve. The people, culture and music that I got to see and share are moments that I will never forget.

 I moved to Australia on a music scholarship to do high school, developing my craft and working on some of my own original music.

In Melbourne, I was honoured to be a part of the Victorian State Schools Spectacular, a show which brings together thousands of students from across the state of Victoria to perform together in Melbourne Arena. Catch the videos of my performances from 2016 and 2017 on channel 7 in Australia!

Studying at a music school opened up a whole bunch of opportunities. I started working with a few  friends, exchanging ideas for some original work. Soon after we formed the band JAKAL, and we've been performing in and around Melbourne and were super privileged to release our EP in March of 2018 which is now available everywhere you find music.

Meanwhile, I have also been working with a producer based in Melbourne to record my own original songs.  I was recently awarded a  music industry grant to work with some of industry’s leading singer-songwriters and get them critique my work. 

The first ever song that I wrote Who Are We? has been selected as a semi-finalist for this year's International Songwriting Competition

My entry for the unearthed high 'Talk About Us' that was featured on triple j unearthed is also available to download and share too :)

Watch this space for more things coming soon :)  

You have that deep compassion, humble spirit and a voice like an angel. Thank you, you are absolutely stunning. ”

Rachel Hunter, Judge on NZ Got Talent